Wiccan = Healer



Witches have been portrayed in so much mainstream media over the years. “The Wizard of Oz” being the quintessential model for so many, and yet “Wicked” turned that image on it’s ear. Fairy tales like “Sleeping Beauty”,  “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (sp?) and “Cinderella”…even “The Little Mermaid”…depict witches the same way that media and lore have historically portrayed them. They are seen as old, mis-colored, physically affected, and MEAN evil women! Well, except for Sleeping Beauty…that witch was a knock out! So was another one….Samantha Stevens on ‘Bewitched”. Even on that show, the stereotype was challenged very often.

Samantha began to show a different portrayal of witches. So did Jeannie, with regard to magical beings. These two women were ‘good’, and used their powers for helpful things in stead of ‘evil’. And then later, in the turn of this century, another new witch was portrayed. A lovely little show called “Charmed”. These three witches were bound to do nothing but GOOD. And to combat EVIL. And then, a lovely movie named “Practical Magic”…also “The Witches of Eastwick”….and another entitled “The Craft”. The former showed a lot of good intentions behind the spellwork  being done there. The latter showing both sides of the work. These examples actually were not too far flung from the actuality as I have understood, learned, and experienced it. 

And now, there are two new television shows that are taking on this topic. One is”American Horror Story – Coven”, and another is “The Witches of East End” I am cautiously curious as to how the Wiccan community may be described in this media attempt. You see, as I have learned and experienced Wicca and Paganism, so very much of what is portrayed in the main media is so very inaccurate. Not that there are not those who use their knowledge for their own purposes, or for damaging ones. But the law that I learned first, and the one I adhere to, is one remarkably similar to another. I wanted to share the Hippocratic Oath here, but there are many updates. So I’d like to add these links. 



The first and foremost law of Wicca? “First, do no harm.” Period. First off , do not harm another. The ramifications are extensive. Initially, to attempt to create a moment that is harmful to another – physically or otherwise – is not at all considered appropriate or good. The energy you create and send around you cultivates within you. Another perspective is one that I have also learned and value highly – do nothing without permission. This can be a hard one. If someone is lying in a bed of pain, and we want them to heal and feel better, well….it goes into the soul’s purpose and journey. I don’t intend to interfere with that journey, and so I usually do not send energy that will heal them. I send Love and Light for the highest good of that person/soul with the hope that the highest good is the physical recovery or whatever is being requested. But once I have permission, then I can light that cauldron and send that intention. (Who am I to know the purpose of that soul’s journey? Therefore, who am I to attempt to change it?)

Recently, I spoke with some friends and a new acquaintance. This new person’s history includes apparently horrible experiences to him as a child, perpetuated by his parent-in-law. Hearing the story, the reference to Wicca came up, and my friend gasped in some sort of scary recognition – as I perceived it – and the new person continued. I offered a simple thought that “Wicca” does not automatically mean “evil”, yet those who know Wicca can unfortunately use their knowledge for unhappy things. But again, my point was that the word ‘wicca’ itself does not automatically mean ‘evil’. The perceived understanding with these few people seemed to indicate a negative understanding.

Wearing pointed hats and cloaks is fun! And it is not far removed from SOME truth. We wear ceremonial garb much the same as other religions do. But again, this does not automatically mean evil. An original meaning for the term “Wiccan” means “healer”. Much earlier Wiccan women were known as healers. They knew the Earth and all it’s substances and healing properties so much that they were able to use them to heal the physical people around them. Now I ask you….how is that evil? How is that bad? Or … how is that ‘automatically’ evil or bad?

I have had a few people ask me for intentions in my cauldron. (Cauldron = one way to send out positive intentions for one’s betterment.) Some of them have been from Christian-based faiths. I have checked up with them after the cauldron, and I have heard happy results….in those cases. 

Time to be blunt. I am a witch. I have knowledge. I know energy. I have been involved in processes that have helped people both near and far. And it all has been for the betterment of them. So how is what I do a bad thing? Any form of prayer/intention/energy sending is best done with an intention for the HIGHEST GOOD. For the best good of the person intended. That best good may well be for them to transition … pass on. It is not for me to say. I only send energy for the hope of the person’s betterment….but ultimately, for that person’s highest good. I do not, and will not, see this as a bad thing. 

I have begun to teach about energy. It is a very powerful thing. And it is really a profound aspect of Wicca … healing. I have felt energy in so many ways and places and times that I cannot deny it. And I don’t. But I do respond to it and – upon request/permission – send it. 

For the Highest Good. Blessed Be! 🙂  )O(


About Rob Russo

June baby in 1962 in Chicago of Irish and Sicilian parents. I'm gay and Wiccan....now that the shock is out of the way, I am a mystic, energy/light worker/teacher, sensitive, paranormal investigator, local tour guide, and student of the Universe. Love and Light!
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2 Responses to Wiccan = Healer

  1. Becky Thorne says:

    Rob Russo, I just love that which you are! Thank you for sharing yet another beautifully expressed story!
    Blessings and Best Wishes!💙💙💙
    As Always,
    Becky Thorne

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