Aligning with others

I can’t believe I’m starting this blog at 134am, but here goes.

I have been interacting with people recently with a newly developing sense of my energy, the energy of others, and how they themselves interact. There are a few interesting things that I am observing about this process. One would be the different ways that we can interact with each other energetically. Another would be the sensation of those interactions. One more would be the results of those interactions. Today alone, I had the wonderful opportunity of interacting with people that I know well and love, with others that I am still getting to know, and at least one relatively new one. But also, I have the chance to experience interaction with strangers just walking down the street every day.

I experience friendships as well as much shorter relationships every day, and in various forms. One of my favorite ones is live and in person. As that tends to be challenging due to the logistical nature of those connections, another is Facebook. As time goes along, I hope that this blog becomes more of another. I am one of those folks that has actually met people on Facebook through other friends of mine in there, and have actually struck up an honest-to-goodness relationship – even though I have never met them in person yet. I have other friends that I have known for a while that I am connected with in there who tend to challenge me. Regardless of how we know each other and how we get to experience our relationship, I feel it energetically. I can sense a person’s energy when in their presence, and I can also sense the energy or a message posted online, popped up on my screen, and read. In either situation, I have definite reactions to that energy.

In person, there are many times that another person’s energy and mine resonate well with each other. This usually feels like a very comfortable sensation with that person, a sense of relaxation and ease with that person. Other times, we may come across someone that we have just met, or just passed on the street even, and we can feel a sense of foreboding, of ‘I need to be away from you’. I think many of us are familiar with this without admitting it…which is just fine. The interesting thing about it is that it is in our best interest to learn how to maintain our own energy without being so directly affected by someone else’s. Even more interesting to someone like me is when I can feel one’s energy either over the phone, or especially from the computer screen. Depending on what is being expressed on social sites, I can either really melt into the post or response, or I have actually, physically, recoiled from my screen because of what someone has posted and the way they have expressed it. It’s pretty amazing.

What becomes interesting about these interactions are the potential results of them. What I observe most often is the shifting and moving around of relationships. In one way, it can be about the way I feel about myself one day that affects my saying hello to the train operator, to the person selling Streetwise, to the check out person at the store. And when I am able to share a bright greeting, even for a moment, it helps my energy. Among colleagues and friends, I have observed the shifting and shaping of the relationships based on so many factors…but I think timing and the relationship between the energies of the people has a lot to do with it. People tend to move in and out of each others’ lives. I believe this is based on not only common denominators, but also the energetic relationship with people. Someone might be a great friend for a space of time, and then the people move apart. Others – like myself – meet people of a 2 decade difference in age and resonate profoundly. Some people meet and hit it off immediately. And of those, some will remain that for the rest of the lifetime, while others may start that way, and then end up a few years later not so close.

I believe that these attractions and changes are associated with both the connections and agreements between the two souls, and the response of one person’s energy with another’s. Many times, it is just fine (defined how, I don’t know), and other times, people just don’t feel good or right around another. And so as our lives go along, relationships shift and change. I’ve seen it with my work colleagues, I have seen it in friends (those of time spans of 20+ years deciding to end it), and I’ve seen it in my family of origin. These shifts happen all the time. It is all happening as it is meant to. As it was agreed upon. As is perfectly needed for the highest good of the person/people involved.

So yes, relationships go along and change and improve and end. People come into our lives, and they drift out of it. And in all of them, there has been a point to it. I find that a much easier way to deal with such things than fighting with them to find a reason for it. My sister has for now drifted apart from me. I don’t feel as though I want to be with her right now either. Our energies are not compatible at this time….we don’t vibrate at the same frequency. And that’s alright. It is as it is meant to be. We are not an energetic match for each other right now….may be never again. I don’t know that. But just knowing that this is the issue and that it is for a purpose, I am fine it.

So yes, it has been amazing to see this aspect of relationships, and their ebb and flow. I’d love to know how you feel about these thoughts. Please feel free to share them, and whether or not you are able to, Love and Light to you all.


About Rob Russo

June baby in 1962 in Chicago of Irish and Sicilian parents. I'm gay and that the shock is out of the way, I am a mystic, energy/light worker/teacher, sensitive, paranormal investigator, local tour guide, and student of the Universe. Love and Light!
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