Today, a very powerful event took place. At the finish line of this year’s Boston Marathon, two bombs went off. The last that I heard, two people passed as a result, and 99 were injured. From one perspective, and considering how many people were there, these numbers are not at all what they could have been. And yet, of course, we are all very much affected by it. And I’m aware that many of the reactions are shock, sadness, outrage, and a sense of retaliation/revenge/justice. The medical and rescue teams who responded, the people who went immediately to hospitals to donate blood for the cause, and those who opened their homes are held in very high regard, even called heroes. We wait to see what other responses will come from this event. And so it is.

September 11, 2001….well, we all know what happened that day. I sat and watched it on my television as it unfolded, and was in as much disbelief and shock as anyone. And I will never forget that day either. Many responders did not survive. And so very many people were ‘forever’ changed by this event. And a great many changes to our experience here in this country changed as a result, and as an attempt to try to avoid further events like this from ever happening again. And so it is.

There are many other events that have taken place – many in the last 10 years, and a few others a little further back. Sandy Hook school….Virginia Tech, 2007….Northern Illinois University, ,2008….and many others on the list I found that I have never heard about. Various air disasters, and a few at sea that many have heard about. RMS Titanic, April 14, 1912, approximately 1500 people passed. S.S. Eastland, July 24, 1915, right here in Chicago, 844 people passed, including 21 entire families. Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD destroyed Pompeii and surrounding areas, and an estimated half of the 3360 population passed. And, of course, the Holocaust.

In my experience in this lifetime, events like these, and even those considered ‘lesser’, have been usually responded to as horrific, with so many a question as to why this had to happen. And there is often much suffering over the numbers of people who had passed, and how terrible and unforgivable that is. It is, of course, a very emotional response. What human being couldn’t respond in these ways, with feelings of horror, sadness…and when the passing involved the hand of another human, revenge or retaliation? I used to…with all the horror and emotion that I as a human would feel. And there, it differed. And so here is my perspective on such huge events. It is not a popular one, but I hope you’ll read on and at least consider what I have to say.

When 9/11 happened, I wrote an email and shared it with a few friends. One of them suggested I save it is a possible essay to be published. Somehow, it has disappeared. But the gist of it was this idea….what if…just what IF….we made a different choice in response to that? What if we protected our borders, grieved our losses, and moved on? What if there was no ‘getting them back’? Retaliation? As I wrote that email, I knew it was a very different idea than most of this country would share. I didn’t care….I really believed – and still do – that it could very well have made a huge difference not only to ourselves, but possibly the world as well. Clearly, I was in a very small minority.

My understanding of such huge events that cause so many people to transition at about the same time is different than most peoples’. Of course, as a human being, I feel the sadness of the people left here to mourn those who have transitioned. And I always send Love and Light to not only those who have gone on, but those here who miss them. That is how I see it….the feelings of the people still here are that they miss the physical presence of this person. And therefore, they feel sad. But I don’t see sadness….I see the love that they feel for that person. Not ‘felt’, but still feel. And I see it as a beautiful thing. And I don’t feel sadness for the person who has passed, because they are now AWESOME! They are in no more struggle at all…they are in the Light, in the Spirit, in the non-physical, and they are just wonderful! I celebrate them! But what about when so very many people pass from such a hugely terrible event?

For me, well….here is how I see it. Everything happens for a reason. Everything. Everything is planned ahead and agreed upon. The ‘whys’ of this is really only known to our souls, and the souls who have chosen to be of assistance in our chosen part of our journey. My uncle’s soul and I made an agreement before we got here that we would teach each other very challenging lessons….or better said, be a part of those lessons. For he and I, those involved various abuses. I don’t mourn or grieve them anymore….I value them, and I value him (passed in the 90s). The point is that I understand that all souls who decide to come back into the physical experience do so for a reason. Many times, those reasons require the assistance of another soul, and vice versa. And then, things play out according to that plan but also sometimes altered by the decisions made once we get here. Those decisions, and the enactments of them, also teach others involved in that/those experiences.

On a larger scale, it is the same thing. In Pompeii, that event happened for a reason, Those people passed for a reason. What that is, only those souls know. But it is important and it is to be honored. On the Titanic, those peoples’ souls chose that exit point from this physical plane for a reason. I’m only guessing, but I’m thinking that something of that magnitude would have been a two way reason…for them and for us….to teach us something.

Now…here’s the trickier one….the shootings/bombings, etc. This kind of event is different because it involves the responsibility of another human. Can’t blame nature. Can’t blame human folly. This is human intent. And that generates a very different response in people. It generates a different kind of anger… that can actually be acted upon and carried out. But here is my caveat…..all of this happened for a reason. All of it. It is part of a perfect plan for a perfect reason.

Let me say more. Every soul that chooses to have the human experience again (mine has quite a few times!) is, for one thing, highly revered by the non-physical for being a very difficult path. And when they choose to, there is an ‘exit point’ decided on. We here in the physical don’t know ahead of time what that is, but the soul does. And many times it is at the hand of someone else. Many times, it is because of some natural event. And I believe that every time, it is for a reason! And that reason is two-fold. It progresses that transitioned soul onward, and it has hopefully taught us left here something. If it is at the hand of another human, I believe that both souls have not only fulfilled their agreement, but also have furthered their own education. When so very many souls have chosen the same exit point…like Titanic…there is a reason for that as well, and it is also mutual. For no purpose is only for the one, but for all, as well are all connected in spirit.

Having said that, when many souls choose to transition at the same time/place/event, I send Love and Light to all, And I mean all. I send it to the souls who have passed. I send it to those here who will miss them. And I send it to the person/s at whose hand these souls have passed. Until now, I have done that because it is my understanding that the person/people who committed the event were obviously in such pain/anguish/anger as to decide to do this thing. But as I write this, I am now remembering that I have not been remembering that person’s role in this. That soul’s role in this. How extraordinary! But the point is that it has all played out for multiple beautiful reasons.

And so that is why I always send Love and Light to the souls who have ‘dropped their bodies’ and moved on…and thank them for their lessons….but also and always to the humans here who have had a part in the passing of those souls. I not only send them Love and Light for the terrible pain that they must be experiencing to cause their decisions, but also for their role in the exit points of those other souls, and their role in our education.

I am fully aware that this perspective is likely not a popular one. Nevertheless, I still VERY much welcome all responses and comments. My only request is that if/when you do not agree with this perspective, be nice. I welcome your response, but I hope you will not be mean about it. Thank you, and Love and Light! And so it is…..


About Rob Russo

June baby in 1962 in Chicago of Irish and Sicilian parents. I'm gay and that the shock is out of the way, I am a mystic, energy/light worker/teacher, sensitive, paranormal investigator, local tour guide, and student of the Universe. Love and Light!
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2 Responses to Tragedy

  1. Christian says:

    Interesting read, but it is hard for me to think that these lives had to end or were fated to end in this way. While many things happen for a reason in retrospect, I still think we have free well to alter our course in life.

    • Rob Russo says:

      Well, yes, there is that. Yet I feel that if that happened, it would alter what was meant to happen, and that could be just fine for the soul’s journey, or it could complicate it. But ultimately, it is all for the highest good eventually. I just feel like deaths like these…or any…are not empty or without purpose. We here may not know what that purpose is, but I believe there is one. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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