Past lives

Greetings! So in the last few days, and especially in the last 24 hours, I have gained another perspective on past lives. Some of you may believe in them. I am guessing more of you don’t…but I’m hoping more of that possible number are curious. I have felt about them for many years. No, I did not miss an adjective in there…..I have felt about them for many years. I first had believed in them. But I don’t think I could have without having had some experiences that supported that concept.

You see, I believe that we have a great many experiences that we cannot explain. And so we fit those attempts at understanding into a concept that we believe that society would accept. Or a concept that we can more easily accept based on the experience/culture/teaching that we have been raised in. Regardless, we have these experiences. Speaking for myself, I reached a point a while back when I released myself to accept the multiple possibilities…even to accept them as real.

The first was my uncanny attraction and interest in the World War II era. Everything about it has enthralled me…the movies, the music, the fashion, the architectural design….nothing I can’t think of. As I began then to frequent antique shops more, I began to realize that these objects not only felt familiar, but I knew what they were for and what they did. I had no memory of knowing them before, yet I know what they were and what they did. That was amazing!

Then I went to a reader or two. People who connected with the Universe enough to be able to share bits of my past lives. Now….here’s the thing about this kind of event. When you go, and when you listen, I advise remaining available to feel whether any information ‘resonates’ with you. Within you. It generates an energy. An emotion that you know to be genuine. If you feel that, that is resonance. That is vibration.

I have had this experience many times in recent years. The first and many of them were connected to that WWII era….still do. And then I realized that others connected with rural of old…farm tools and such. And around six or seven years ago, I attended a beautiful program at the Chicago Theatre. It was a performance of traditional Irish music and songs performed and produced by Irish producers, singers, and musicians. The vibration in my body was unmistakable. It was amazing! The emotions … wow! And whomever had produced this program had included to the guests that night a brochure of travel in Ireland. Of course, I took one home. The first page showed an areal view of Ashford Castle ( )….and my whole body leapt at the sight! It was a short time after that I learned to pay attention to those kinds of reactions. They meant something. Especially ones as strong as this one.

Progress to later….I have had many moments and readings that have connected me to past lives that truly resonated with me. That made sense of the relationships that I have had and do have in this lifetime now. In the last few years, I have been to Italy. And I have been to Ireland. And there are few resonances that I have felt here that match either of those locations. And there are few familiar feelings that have matched as well. In recent times, the strongest is the Medieveal times.

I love and welcome those feelings! However, it has recently become something else. Another education for me. Now, as much as we can remember of our life in this lifetime, and the events that happened, and how we felt at those times, and even how much they taught us….and that is wonderful and amazing!!….the same thing happens with past lives. I have recently found that I have been perhaps too attached to a former lifetime. One that may not have been so great, but I don’t know yet.

Here’s my ultimate point to match this post’s title….the power of past lifetimes is, I believe, not to be lessened or ignored. In the last few days, I have realized that my attachment to “The Tudors” (an EXCELLENT program, by the way), and any of my movies recently that have been connected to that time period have been ones that I have been watching a great deal. The interesting point is that I have not quite ‘enjoyed’ them as I used to. But they remain to ‘haunt’ me. That usually tells me that this is something to look at. Perhaps there is something in that lifetime that is not pleasant, but needs to be paid attention to.

And so I have. And i wanted to share this to …. I don’t know…. share something you did not sense before? Something you did? To read something that ‘resonates’ with you? Well, I hope it has been helpful. I am scheduling a reading regarding past lives soon, because I believe that I have ended up attached to one that is not happy or helpful. Yet somehow, I believe it has shown itself now for a reason. And so I would like to know that reason.

Tonight, we are still in a New Moon phase….which welcomes wonderful things that we would like to see come into our experience. I wish for all of you Love and Light.


About Rob Russo

June baby in 1962 in Chicago of Irish and Sicilian parents. I'm gay and that the shock is out of the way, I am a mystic, energy/light worker/teacher, sensitive, paranormal investigator, local tour guide, and student of the Universe. Love and Light!
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2 Responses to Past lives

  1. janonlife says:

    Yes, some of the instant ‘recognitions’ you describe have happened to me throughout my life, too, Rob. I’ve also learned to trust and go with them. I was recently given some amazing information on a couple of past lives – stuff that (finally) makes total sense of a very puzzling present life relationship. I hope you find some guidance about yours. x

  2. Iceman says:

    I feel the same way about WWII! WWII is such a cool period of time in the history! Everybody got together and help each other to achieve the common goal! When was the last time you see the world work together since WWII? I am not complaining but just a thought. ERIN GO BRAGH!!!!!

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