The One With the Changes…(and the one that may weird some folks out)

So I just broke my recent new eating style and finished off a huge bowl of whole wheat pasta and veggies. The veggies were better than usual because I have decided that I cook them too long in the olive oil and they were getting soggy and oily and likely cooked beyond their healthy properties. This time, I cooked them just enough to give them a little garlic pizzazz but they kept their crispness. Nicely done….something done in a new way, Differently.

I believe I have written about changes taking place in my current portion of my journey recently. I’ll try not to repeat myself here, but this is really all I feel like sharing about tonight…writing this blog after 1030pm on a school night, and during a Full Moon. I just made some spiced Chai tea with a drop of Thieves in it. That has been almost a daily thing very recently….Thieves in my tea or coffee, and flower essence in my water. I believe that these both have been having a definite effect on the increasing health of my mind, body, and spirit. There are a few other things contributing as well. A few months ago during my first Kinesiology session, the flower essence of Walnut was advised as a natural tonic from the Earth. This essence was to help me through a very significant shift taking place. The imagery I received and love and use is one of being in a small boat on the edge of a wide river. On the other side of the wide river, I can see my very significant goal. I love this goal and I look forward to getting to it as soon as possible! And I feel ready for it as well. There was only one problem….my little boat was still tied to the dock. Earth’s gift of the flower essence was to energetically help me to untie the rope, and allow the drifting through the waters of change and growth and development and the arrival at my goal. This is what has been happening.

The Universe has always known that I need a kick in the butt at times to get me where I am needing to be in order to accomplish a step toward my next where I am needing to be. And even before I was aware of all this – and definitely since then – The Universe has carte blanche to do what is needed in spite of my attempts to remain in what is familiar yet not very healthy or helpful. Most of those events have provided me with time, opportunity, and lack of distraction such that I can sit down, shut up, and listen. I have finally taken up that challenge of late. Recently I wrote of my temporary lack of cable and internet. I have also had lack of funds enough to allow the purchase of alcohol here at home. Temporary cell phone issues were tossed in for added flavor. And so I finally did sit down, shut up, and pay attention. Indeed, I did not stop there, but I actively invited in the help and healing and guidance…from within myself, and from my non-physical team. What a time this has been! Even now, sitting here writing this, I am enjoying my tea very much, there is no TV or music on…it is quiet except for the keyboard typing, and the occasion passing of a train or two on the next block.

I have also been spending more time allowing my feelings in order to be able to really feel them, identify them, know what they are and honor them, and then allow them to pass along away from me. That has been not so scary as I always anticipate it…and I actually tend to rebound much more easily and quickly than I used to. I have shopped more wisely and have been eating much better, and much more often only until I am not hungry any more. (Tonight being an exception.) I am walking more, and even taking the stairs more than I have in a very long time. I am breathing more fully, and watching my posture as well. And I have been keeping in contact with a few folks that I’d like to tell you about. Some of them I may have spoken of before, I’m not sure. And a heads up….this would be the ‘weirding some folks out’ part of the title.

Two summers ago out at Kindred Spirits, two dear friends were visiting from Ireland. Friends and teachers. I partook of one meditation/visualization exercise that resulted in my meeting the Goddess Diana…well, being received as one of her beloved, more precisely. She even called me a name that translates as ‘beloved’. Since then, Full Moons like tonight have more meaning for me, as do all phases of the moon. She is also the Huntress, which brings her to Earth as often as she pleases. She has offered much love, support, and blessing since revealing herself to me, and I have been developing more of a habit of addressing her at least once a day. Her, and a few other folks.

I have been aware of my guides for a number of years now. They have allowed me to be a channel for information passed on to those around me. They have guided and taught me for many years now, with regard to matters of spirit and my journey. My left hand man, so to speak, has been my guide Joshua, as he calls himself. (The name is significant, believe me.) He took over as my ‘main guide’ going on two years ago, and has really been helpful in my journey since that time. In a recent meditation meant to help me and my classmates meet our guides – if we hadn’t yet as of that time – we were told that our guides had a gift for us, and to hold out our hands. Joshua gave me his. And so now, when I need his support, I ask him to hold my hand again, and he does. In the last week or so, I have been asking him to help me learn to quiet my mind. The first reason would be for the sake of the practice itself. But also I feel it will allow me better access to my non-physical team, to other energies needing to communicate, and to Diana as well. And so it is. I have also been addressing the other guides, teachers, loved ones, and ascended masters….and the ancestors as well. They have all been present and available for guidance, understanding, and love and support. And I have also learned a bit about periodically leaving out treats for the Fae folk who tend to pay visits here to the Manse…especially since the birth and growth of my blue spruce tree on my altar.

Here’s the new active addition to my non-physical team….Archangels. Years ago, I never would have believed that archangels could be a part of my non-physical guidance along with guides, teachers, loved ones, and ascended masters….all those non-Christian types! And not to mention a goddess from Roman ‘mythology’! Then I met my teacher and friend Sunny Dawn Johnston. I began to learn of them through her workshops. And then during this last deprivation period, I began to actively ask them for help and support as well…and not only for me, but for others as well. And I could feel the difference immediately! The addition, not difference….addition of beautifully elevated energy, love and support…and Light! The 7 I have begun to work with thus far are Michael, Raphael, Jophiel, Gabriel, Uriel, Zadkiel, and Chamuel. The aspects and energies of these archangels resonate very clearly and powerfully for me these days. Most often, I have worked with Michael for strength and protection/sense of safety, and Raphael for healing of mind, body, and spirit. I’m starting to become more familiar with the others as well.

Back to the mundane….I have been going through belongings such as books, CDs, and DVDs and weeding out what I don’t want to keep here at the Manse anymore. I am starting to copy CDs onto my computer for transfer later to an external drive of some sort. Then the physical CDs will go away as well. This cleaning and clearing process is definitely related to what is happening in my spiritual and energetic journey as well. I am also reducing bills as well…giving up my storage space and….ready for this?….cable TV! I visited my mom, sister, and nieces last weekend. I saw Dad, my stepmom, and her delightful 92 year old father this past weekend. I also saw my Temple mates and celebrated my own second level initiation, but also took part in the initiation of the class just next behind us. And the Lady Diana was along ever since arriving home Saturday night and asking for her blessing upon gifts of turquoise pieces for the other initiated class. I ask you…when was the last time a taper candle burned for more than 12 hours before cracking the glass of the holder it was in? That was quite a blessing for those little stones!

In general, it feels like my life here is really gearing much more toward a different focus…me, and what is happening within and around me. My energy and how to maintain it. Honoring the non-physical team, and the Elements as well. Honoring Love and Light and their very powerful energies. Loving myself more. Staying more consciously connected to Spirit. And sending LOTS AND LOTS of Love and Light out there to any and all who need it. I believe in smiles, hugs, saying “I love you”, greeting people in passing, posting images on Facebook that I hope will bring even a hint of a smile to one’s lips…..any little thing – and often the smallest is still one of the strongest – that will cause even that little twinge at the corner of the mouth has already elevated one’s energy amazingly. When that gets passed along, it’s a very powerful thing. I don’t believe in passing on lower vibe energy…’negativity’, if you will. I used to be that guy, and I am happy to report that doing these things instead feels SO much better in the life experience area!

Ok then….I’d like to think that while some of all that was likely a bit of a repeat, that there is a little more detail and explanation…and revealing…and as these go along, there will likely be more like this that may provide further understanding of all this. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think. Please feel free and comfortable to share your thoughts, responses, and definitely any questions that may have or may yet pop up. Meantime, Love and Light to you all, and may you always walk in the Light!


About Rob Russo

June baby in 1962 in Chicago of Irish and Sicilian parents. I'm gay and that the shock is out of the way, I am a mystic, energy/light worker/teacher, sensitive, paranormal investigator, local tour guide, and student of the Universe. Love and Light!
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2 Responses to The One With the Changes…(and the one that may weird some folks out)

  1. I confess not to understand all of this but I love the positivity here!

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