Love, Pain, and the Differences

I am watching “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. I have watched this show for years, both in season, and in reruns. I love this show! Yes, I know it is edited and prepared and presented, and a big old plug for Sears. But in spite of all that, something magical happens with each story. What is that central act of Magick? Love abounds, both to those involved, and to those who watch. As a watcher, I used to take a big breath when that bus was about to move, because I knew what my own emotional response was going to be, and it would need a lot of breath. And pretty much for the remainder of the reveal of the new home, my face was wet.

Now, why was I so emotional? Hmmmm….because people were happy. Because people who gave a lot of themselves received something. Received something. Because people gave something. Gave something. Because there was a huge shift in energy from struggle (resistance) to receiving (allowing). That huge shift was and is something I can feel quite profoundly. That I can feel that is very often wonderful, and very often challenging. But that is another entry. The point is that love has taken place in the arena of this program. Yes, it is television, and it is Hollywood, and it is advertising and money raised. What I saw was and is the love shared, given, and received.

Love is a very interesting energy, because as complex as it feels, it is just as simple. There is love, and there is lack of love. The lack of happens in a variety of ways. The flow of love happens in many wondrous ways that I think we miss fairly often because we don’t know to see it there. But it is there. But there is a simplicity there….presence of, or lack of. The responses to each are many and quite profound! And each and every one is completely valid. Now, here’s something I learned recently….from this same television program.

I was watching one story a few weeks ago that involved a father who was a widow. He had, at that time, three children all under the age of 4. And he was a local police officer. His parents-in-law lived there, or were around always, and that was a lovely source of mutual support. But let’s face it, with 3 toddler and pre-toddler kids, all three adults were busy. As I watched the program unfold, it was wonderful what the gifts were and such. And then toward the end, there was one of those interview camera moments with the mother-in-law when she was appreciating what the show had created, and wishing her daughter were there to experience it. She paused, and welled up in tears. And in that moment, I realized something.

That reaction right there….that was love. That was not sadness. That was not loss, That was not wishing. Really……really……that was love. That was such love as to miss the physical presence of the person she missed. That was amazing! But was that low energy? Pain…yes, I can perceive that for sure. True anger? True sadness? What I perceived from my television screen at that moment, watching that mother missing her daughter, was complete and utter love.

In the moment of missing someone, think about it…why do we miss them? Because they hugged us. Because they shared a secret. Because they supported us. Because they LOVED us. And we loved them. We felt good when we were with them. Because of the laughs, the support, the connection. And because they are no longer in the physical so that we can still have that physical validation of the relationship, and the love. I have found that the energy of Love does not change from the physical to the non-physical. Love is Love.

And so when I saw that mother tearing up about her daughter, I saw love. I felt love. I heard love. Not loss….not tragedy….not awful. I completely perceived love for her daughter who had transitioned before her. And love for the family that the daughter had created before she transitioned. A family of such love!

So I’m thinking now that so much of what we, in this physical experience, see as pain is often times not pain, but love. Now, to me, pain is being beaten down, disassembled, brought to a point where one doesn’t know who they are or what they want or where they want to go. A feeling of not understanding what our worth is, and so not seeing it. Directly and in short, I see emotional pain as a severing of the connection to love. Loss. Disorientation. Dropping out. There is no point, what’s the use, there is nothing. That is pain.

Missing someone who had been in the physical and now is not is something different. I see our missing them as a beautiful and important aspect of our love for them….and of their love of us. And of our recognition of that love for us.

SO – those feelings that we experience when someone leaves this current part of our journey. It may be because the physical has stopped because it is that soul’s time to move on. It may be because our time together in this lifetime has been fulfilled, and we need to move on from each other. There are many scenarios that would encompass each of these points, but the point is that we move on from each other. Send them Love and Light on their journey, and pay attention to your own.

Anyway, I hope I have made a point here….that events, moments, and feelings that mostly tend to be seen as sad, sorrowful, or in another way a low vibrational frequency actually are a very high one….LOVE. Such a beautiful feeling! I



About Rob Russo

June baby in 1962 in Chicago of Irish and Sicilian parents. I'm gay and that the shock is out of the way, I am a mystic, energy/light worker/teacher, sensitive, paranormal investigator, local tour guide, and student of the Universe. Love and Light!
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8 Responses to Love, Pain, and the Differences

  1. Rob Russo says:

    I forgot to include something here. How many times do we feel/think/observe folks or ourselves in the moment of ‘I’m trying to hold it together’….that kind of experience, right? I feel that this thought is resistant. I feel that the more we resist the flow of natural emotions, even without ‘full’ understanding of them, the thinner the flow of love and well being. BUT…..when we ALLOW the feelings….the flow and exchange and release of the energy, well, isn’t it possible that this is actually what is INTENDED and perfectly timed and shared? In that allowing, there is a definite FREE flow of energy, a release, a clearing for space for healthier energy. I say LET IT GO! 🙂

  2. Eric Roberts says:

    I can fully understand that. On New Years day, my stepdaughter and her family were headed back to Texas (from Chicago) after visiting family for the holidays. Just outside of Little Rock, AR, they were rear ended by a drunk driver going 100 mph (this was on I-30…aka the Texarkana highway). My grandson…who had just turned 2 months old that day, was ejected from his car seat and received severe head trauma and multiple skull fractures. They took him off life support the next day and he died in his mother’s arms. We had just seen him a few days before when they visited us. He was such a perfect little baby. Right now, since we are still very much grieving…we vacillate between sadness and anger…which i am sure will eventually turn to the love that this mother has for her daughter. I just hope that my stepdaughter and her husband can find the strength to get through this horrible tragedy. Not only do they have to deal with the loss of their son, but also, they have the images of that horrific scene permanently burned into their memory. They have a long road ahead of them.

  3. Amanda says:

    Very beautiful Rob! Love IS love. I agree with you completely that these feelings are actually expressions of love. Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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