A more proper introduction

Greetings! I thought for my first non-practice blog, I would start with a more proper, more informative introduction than the profile page allows for. I’d like to share more about who I am, my journey experiences thus far in this lifetime, and perhaps a few of the things I’ve begun to learn along the way. In doing this, I hope to give you a better idea of whom you are conversing with.

I was born on the north side of Chicago, IL, on June 12, 1962 – actually not very far from where I now reside. I have four sisters, no brothers, and I am the middle child. (I think I can sense some heads nodding knowingly out there.) We lived on the north side until I was around 7 years old, and then we moved to the south side – 90th and Ashland, more directly. We lived there for about four years, and then moved to the northwest side – Belmont/Cragin, and just north. I went to St. Patrick High School over there, class of 1980. I was already working during senior year, so I remained at that company for a while longer, and did not go to college. For the most part, I remained on the north side of Chicago most of my adult life, with the exception of almost one year in Las Vegas in 1988, ,and more recently, two years again on the southwest side, near Midway Airport. I love the north side of Chicago – indeed, I love Chicago overall! However, I would prefer not to spend the rest of this lifetime within the city itself, if possible.

Over the years, I have worked as a busboy, in catering, waiter, bartender, video store management, facilities management services, entertainer, Illinois tourism travel counselor, office staff, and currently, ASL interpreter. Yes, jack of many trades, and master of one – continuing my path, and studying it and myself. I have performed on stage as an actor, backstage in everything except writing or designing, sung on stage and in church, even as an entertainer at the arguably the largest tourist attraction in the mid-west – Chicago’s Navy Pier. In recent years, I have been becoming fairly proficient in paranormal investigation, which excites me each and every time! And I am beginning to get my feet wet as a tour guide in Chicago.

My personal journey has been interesting, very challenging, and quite rewarding. I was raised in the Roman Catholic church, served as an altar boy, and attended Catholic school. Some of my earliest memories are fairly happy ones, with Christmases and drive-in movies, and a pool in the back yard. They also include heavy doses of child abuse – physical, emotional, and sexual. My perpetrator was an uncle. My father being an only child, this uncle was on my mother’s Irish side of the family. (Dad moved here from Sicily in his teens.) The abuse stopped at a still fairly young age, and then picked up again in my teens. Only this time, it was more forceful and terrifying. Eventually, I did share with my mother and my aunt what had been happening as I was in therapy and failing high school at the time, and I knew she didn’t understand what was happening. A few months later, this uncle was allowed to move into the apartment upstairs. During this time, I wrested back my personal power that I had so easily given over many many years before. And my truer journey began.

I grew up Catholic, as I’ve mentioned, and then went without for many years until becoming Lutheran, and belonging to a very lovely Swedish Lutheran congregation on the north side for many years. There, I was in choir, in committees, on Council, and was an assisting minister as well. After a while, that didn’t seem to fit any longer either. I had begun to read and appreciate more about Native American spirituality, which seemed to resonate more strongly within me. In addition, my friends and I began to follow and practice in Full Moon circles, Tarot card readings, and so forth. During these transitions, I began to see my family or origin, and indeed, even my uncle, as strong teachers of mine in this lifetime. Also at this time, I began to channel – and the funny thing is that I didn’t even realize that i was doing it! Non-physical senses began to reveal themselves more. And then, I finally met up with my current teachers/friends/loved ones within the community of energy workers, pagans, and in March of 2012, I began my actual classes in Wicca.

My experiences in Pagan/Wiccan society have resonated within me like nothing else has before. I have begun to consciously be aware of and focus on energy – my own, and that of others – and spirit energy as well. I’m even more aware of the Earth than I was before, as well as the other elements of Air, Fire, and Water. Two summers ago, during a weekend intensive workshop, the Goddess (Lady) Diana revealed herself to me and received me as one of her loved ones. And in August of 2012, I was initiated into my first Wiccan Temple.

In recent years, I have traveled to Torino, Italy, and met my father’s family there. I have also been to Ireland and there, visited sacred locations, celebrated Bealtine, slept in a haunted castle, etc. But trips were very spiritual for me in many ways, In those places, I had more experiences in absorbing information and communication without knowing the language, feeling the energy of different places and cultures, and gaining a broader sense of history on this planet. It has been such a gift and blessing!

And so now, and this point, I continue with my Wiccan studies, my studies of myself and my journey – learning about myself by looking where I’ve been thus far, the lengths of time not liking myself much or treating myself very well – and I continue to open myself more to energy, spirit, journey, Love, and Light. I still work as an ASL interpreter, and plan to gain certification in that field soon.

it is my sincere hope that after reading all of this, you might continue to read more of my experiences, share your own, ask ANY questions you have, and also I hope that you all will always walk in the Light!


About Rob Russo

June baby in 1962 in Chicago of Irish and Sicilian parents. I'm gay and Wiccan....now that the shock is out of the way, I am a mystic, energy/light worker/teacher, sensitive, paranormal investigator, local tour guide, and student of the Universe. Love and Light!
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6 Responses to A more proper introduction

  1. Shannon says:

    Rob, I consider it a treasure and privilage to say I know you. Your amazing.

  2. Tony Jurcak says:

    Rob, that was a great introduction. I very much enjoyed hearing of you’re background. I look forward to reading more of you’re experiences in the future…Welcome to the world of blogging, You seem like a natural already..Inspire and be inspired my friend.

  3. Eric Roberts says:

    Blessings Brother Rob from out in Yorkville!

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