One Voice

Just One Voice,
Singing in the darkness,
All it takes is One Voice,
Singing so they hear what’s on your mind,
when you look around you’ll find
There’s more than
One Voice…… (Barry Manilow)

Hail, and well met!! It’s been a while, and a lot has happened. This entry will likely take me much of the afternoon
because it’s been a while, and so much has happened. I’d like to take this time to re-acquaint and catch up, if I

This song was brought back to me yesterday when I was with a group of my Temple friends and we were discussing
various ways of celebrating our holidays and lunar events. As I was riding the train home this morning, ruminating
about the blog I would write today, it came back again, and resonated. I hope the reason becomes clear as you read.
You see, about a year ago, I was gifted with an experience called Emerge, one of the many results of which was
finding my voice. MY voice. Not my parents, my previous religions, my issues and struggles, my loves gained and
lost…..MY voice. Since then I have begun to use it more often, and the simultaneous and resulting effects have
been a wonder. Just one little voice…..

Since finding said voice, I have begun to ask more questions. Share more insights. Gain more confidence in my
communication skills. This Emerge event took place toward the end of my series of classes in my Wiccan temple. When
that series of classes was coming to it’s conclusion, I was still thinking about how cool it was what I had learned
and what I was still learning, and what I had yet to go. Then, at our ‘graduation’, I was named an initiated priest
of the Temple of Tir na nOg. (The first initiated…indeed it’s own honor.) It was not until that moment that I
‘got’ where this was going. Wow….a Wiccan priest! Five years ago, I wanted to be Melinda Gordon, Ghost
Whisperer….and now here I am, a Wiccan priest. A leader. A teacher. Even moving into counselor…mentor….and one
who apparently gives off notable amounts of energy. When that happened, my voice became stronger. More
confident…sure of itself. The words came. Even in my work as an ASL interpreter, my communication skills continue
to flourish. I have the words to express myself, and the Voice to use them. In conversations with friends a family,
I can ‘get’ the terms they are struggling for, and provide accurate ones for what they are trying to convey. What an
amazing thing to be consciously aware of! And then, there is more than one Voice….

Singing in the darkness,
Joining with your One Voice,
Each and every note another octave,
Hands are joined and fears
unlocked…. (Barry Manilow)

Another thing I am finding is that this renewed awareness of the words to express myself is directly connected with
my intuition. Intuition can inform speech and communication quite profoundly. Again, even in my work, intuition
often informs me of how to use the language of the Deaf to clearly convey the message, meaning, and content.
Intuition is such a powerful thing! Since my initiation as a Wiccan priest, and after experiencing so much and such
a variety of ‘what did I do???’ in response to not only feedback from my families, but also in peoples’ interactions
with me – even their children’s – I  am beginning to end the questioning, and I am simply enjoying the marveling at
such situation. In that change from question to marvel is acceptance. WHOA! Acceptance. *Say it again?*
A-C-C-E-P-T-A-N-C-E. Powerful word. And in this process, I have found that I am proceeding strictly on intuition.
Not only my own intuition, but the fuller intuitive web in the Universe. Not entirely what I  retained from my
Temple classes. Not only from ideas of what I am ‘supposed’ to do. I literally have no idea what is next. But I
follow my intuition…my guides….what feels right in a moment. 

If only
One Voice
Would start it on its own
We need just One Voice
Facing the unknown,
And that One Voice
never be alone
It takes that One Voice (Barry Manilow)

My little Voice. First time it started to become more than that was when I stood up to my uncle who had been my
abuser during my young life. The feeling was so empowering! Then it didn’t really manifest like that again until
much more recent years. The time in between was much needed time for my soul to experience….to have, lose, enjoy,
suffer, experience a whole lot. And within those experiences was a ton of information gathering. Yet my Voice was
still small….unsure….scared….lacking in confidence to speak. I knew a LOT! But to speak it is a different
thing, and that was a challenge many times….and yet not at and with others. Not sure of that pattern, but I don’t
question it anymore. In times when I don’t feel like I had my Voice, I believe that I was still an effect in
peoples’ lives

Since my Emerge, since my initiation, indeed since taking on this part of my journey, I can feel how I have grown,
learned, and continued to share and teach. And I’m grateful. And now it’s ramping up. I have been able to be
available to people not only as a sounding board, which I’ve long been good at. Not only as someone who has some
experience, knowledge, and intuitive guidance to have something of value to share. But as someone who feels able to
be led by the intuitive web and it’s Voice to show by example/experience. Someone who can help people have a
meaningful experience in ritual But to be able to show that, I must have a Voice. 

And so , I have just entered the final big personal emergence. What this is will be shared in a later blog
entry…I’m just really starting it now. But my Voice has never felt stronger….never felt more heard…never felt
more helpful to others. And this mixed bag of gifts is fairly overwhelming. But compared to past events of
overwhelmed….without a Voice…..I am LOVING this! 

Just One Voice
Singing in the darkness,
All it takes is One Voice,
Shout it out and let it ring.
Just One Voice,
It takes that One Voice,
And everyone will sing!
(wow….this actually did happen in one sitting. 🙂 ) 
Love, Light, Bliss, and Blessings to all! )O(

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Intolerance vs. Love and Let Live



Greetings! The impetus for this blog today…..I have a very dear friend. I have known her for many years and in many situations. In recent years, she has been friend, teacher, mentor, healer, author, colleague, and one of the most beautiful, wise, awake, aware, generous, sensitive, and loving people that has ever been sharing my journey a bit. 

She and her family have recently moved to a small town in northern Illinois. A lovely little town….I’ve been there and I like it. She opened her location there and began to make her thriving opportunities work. And then someone decided she should not. That she is evil. That she means harm. And they began to harass her, leaving symbols of demonic spirit on her door, etc. The police have been involved, and this has been recognized quickly that this is hate crime. As strong a woman as I know her to be, she is now thinking that the onslaught is too much. It doesn’t feel safe, and it surely does not foster an environment of calm and healing that is vastly helpful to the gifts she offers. 

Why? I mean….why?

I saw something recently on Facebook that I really loved…..paraphrasing, it was about not having heard the devil offering to heal people and help them to happier journeys. (Which is exactly what she, and I, and many others I know do.) It seems as though someone has decided that what my friend does opposes that person’s religious beliefs. That is fine. It also seems that this person has decided that this person must do something to stop/oppose the healing that my friend offers…to make them stop. 

My training…my understanding…my personal resonance of so much of this work that is offered and done is that first and foremost…DO NO HARM. Second is requiring permission for any kind of healing energies to be sent. (Doesn’t medical science require the same permission in writing?) Many of the people I am aware of in my circles even believe that the sending of healing energy may not be in the actual proper interest of that particular soul….perhaps it is the time for that soul to move on. (In the least, Love and Light is sent…)

Intolerance…..whew! Quite a point! I’ll bring it to my own experience. As a gay person, if I have not personally experienced hateful stuff (…I did experience some ignorant stuff in 8th grade), I have and certainly always observed it. Enough to take it in personally. I’m aware of the history of the rights of gay people in this country and around the world.  As a Wiccan, I am aware of the fears that people experience about what we believe, feel, honor, and work within. (Although it is not at all far removed from so much Christian ritual.) Gay people have heard that straight people struggle with that acceptance, yet we have had to accept straight people all along. Pagan/Wiccan people have seen so much of our religion taken and altered for the purpose of another groups…changing what was already so beautiful about it. And we are still feared/misrepresented. 

I am aware of one person who was associated with the famous Amity house. His close experience with this story includes that the step father in the story was involved and tool lessons in Wicca, and that is a foundation of much of his lecture. I told him that Wicca itself has a history of NO HARM, but that others who learn the practices do end of doing what they will…whether it is good and healthy or not. I just hoped that he would not continue to include in his traveling presentations that ‘Wicca’ does not mean ‘evil’. And there is intolerance…

I have a dear sister who is readying for an acceptance into the Franciscan order of nuns….not that she will be a nun. But she will be more able to live her faith and be involved with helpful events to others. While a lot about Catholicism still triggers me (totally my own issue and no one else’s), I very much support her in this part of her journey, and in this generosity. I have felt my own sense of intolerance to the Christian/Catholic religion. My helpful/saving point is remembering that I know my sister. The beautiful person she is. And I’m grateful. 

Intolerance….my understanding of the term is an almost complete nonacceptance of something that does not resonate with you to the point of wanting that thing gone absolutely.  So….my sister is Catholic, yet she accepts me. I am gay, and my family and friends accept that. I am Wiccan…and so far (even with the symbolism I wear and what is on my front door), I have not been bothered. I am this far fortunate. But I know that it is out there. And I know others who have been and who are currently being subjected to severe opposition. 

Again…why? I don’t particularly like Catholicism and Christianity **point** as it tends mostly to manifest in this society…yet I interpret in a Christian church and mostly love it. The reason…because there is a prevailing message of love there, which I very much agree with. The parts of Christianity that I do very much appreciate and love is just that….love! It’s the same in my Wiccan tradition. The sending of Love and Light is quite prominent. 

I know there are other religions out there whose main point is also Love. I also am aware that there are other religions and belief systems out there that so many of us are so highly offended and angered by! And yet, here is my question….(to myself as well)….who am I to decide? Who am I to decide what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’? You see, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Things are brought into this reality by a source…and for a reason. My abusive childhood was for a reason….much of which I have come to peace with now. Everything happens for a reason. Every belief system is there…for a reason. Whether we like it or not….it is there for a reason.

And so….if I don’t believe in the Christian church across the street from me….must I try to tear it down? (I actually love the hand pulled bells on Sundays) Must I besiege it with symbolism that are in opposition to my understanding of their beliefs? Or do I take a bit of time and come to understand more of what they are doing before I make a judgement call? I may not agree with the theology of the church across the street,  but are they spreading LOVE?! I may not be happy that I always see straight relationships in most of what I watch on TV and see in public…but are they spreading love? I may not agree with some religions in other countries that severely minimize and even kill women and gay men….but is there a purpose? I may not know what it is, but I believe there is something in the whole Universal scheme of things.

Intolerance, I have found in my own life experience….takes up SO much energy! Love and let live….SO much easier! Who am I to decide what is right and what is wrong? And for who? When my loved ones are following a faith that works for them yet scared the heck out of me, I need to look at the person and what they do and how they are with others. I need not include my own fears and prejudices in that….not if I want to see the true person and what their beautiful journey is in life. 

It is not up to me to ‘make’ people see the ‘right’ way. I believe it is up to me to receive people as they are…and hopefully learn something from them. And vice versa. 


Love and Light to all….truly to all. 🙂

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Hello Darkness, my old friend

1545196_10152092998559029_1755463573_nHow to encapsulate all this? I’ll do my best.

In my early days of my education in Paganism and Wicca, I was told that in order to know your Light side, you have to know your Dark side. At the time, I resisted, thinking that the Dark side was not good and spreading negativity. And so I held off. Over the last couple of years, and especially in recent months, events have taken place that have shown me otherwise.

I have not been shy about speaking against negative energy where I believed I saw it and heard it and felt it. In exploring a bit deeper into my responses, I realized that I was still responding very personally to any criticism of anyone else. What I had been thinking was ‘What did they do to you?” I realized was very much “What did I do to you?”. This response is very much connected to my abusive childhood…of course, it does. And it was time to really delve into it

And so…in the weeks beginning with the end of the semester and the beginning of the Yule and Christmas holidays, I went in. I delved. It involved a lot of darkness….a lot of anger, a lot of pain, and a fair bit of vodka. I spent a lot of time angry with people who are dearly important to me…something that is not easy to do, and also showed me a lot. It showed me that being angry at them was misdirected feeling, and that I would benefit from going a tad deeper into that feeling to see what was there.

What was there was that ever present and DEEPLY invasive feeling of being left out. Of not belonging. Of not being included. Not wanted. That’s where it went. That’s where it goes with me. And of course it would, given my childhood experiences. The more I saw on Facebook all the fun my friends were having….without me…..I felt it was a conscious choice on their part to not invite or include me. Never mind that they are mostly very many miles away from me!

Now….this is the core of my Darkness. Feeling not included. Not welcome. Not belonging. This is my Darkness. I know this now, and I can take steps to address it. One very important step is acknowledging it. Admitting it is there. Seeing it and feeling it. The next is to understand that it is not true.

This is a bitch, my friends. Especially after so many years of this program running behind the scenes and yet orchestrating so much of what I have done and decided and chosen and acted upon for decades. And yet, I claim it. I embrace it. It is me. It teaches me. It teaches others if I share it. It informs me, and helps steer me. And when it does, I can go to my Light and do well and good….for myself and for others.

And so I feel like I have come closer to balancing my Light and my Dark. My Dark side doesn’t scare me like it used to. It is part of me…and that’s ok. I am finally grateful for understanding this part of me, and that I may again on occasion need to go there intensely again. But only if necessary.

When thinking of this post….and I have for a long while now….this title is the only one that keeps coming up. It’s a great song…and a wonderful title for this. Oh Darkness….my oldest friend….hello, and I will talk with you again.

Love and Light, everyone.

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It’s The Holiday Season….


Let’s step up to the wall and have a lean and a chat, shall we?

Indeed, it is the holiday season again. It happens every year, and right about this time of it. For me, the term ‘holiday season’ is a broad one. Nicely broad. It includes Halloween, Samhain, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, Yule, and New Year. Probably a couple others I have neglected here. So I think to wish someone “Happy Holidays!” is a wonderful way to wish people well within their own religion or belief system.Even if it is just a time to eat, drink, shop, and be merry and have time off. (Nod to agnostics/atheists.) Ah….let’s add Veteran’s Day as well…indeed, a recognized holiday. Great! I think we have them all.

It seems that more and more each year for many many years now, right around Halloween, one thing that I hear at least as clearly as the anticipation of scaring each other – or honoring the harvest and our ancestors – are loud expressions that invariably involve the word ‘already’. It’s not even Halloween yet and the Thanksgiving stuff is already in the stores. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and the Christmas stuff is on the shelves already. They’re already playing Christmas music on the radio?! Why?! Awful!! Sucks!! What the fuck?! The meaning of the season is lost! The meaning of the holiday is lost! Bitch, bitch, BITCH…..!!!

Now….there are SO many points to chat about here. I hope I remember all the ones I want to share. I think I’ll wax a little 34th Street and start with the commercialism. Of COURSE it’s there!! Perfectly good, simple, and beautiful intentions of these special annual events, over generations, have been converted to this. The Christian idea of remembering Christmas with our children by remembering the gifts brought to the Christ child that morning…by honoring our children with tokens of love. It seems it was once a lovely way to remember the revered story and delight our children. It has become a meeting of the demand….and not only the requests of the children, either. Everyone and their mother seems to want something from someone for the gift-giving holidays and feels slighted if they don’t receive such. And in the process of this trend developing over many generations, of COURSE the market has honed in on this and fully supported it’s massive development. And we perpetuate it by supporting the more recent developments of ‘Black Friday’ and such. Now, of course, we criticize that as well. My question is….who allowed it? Who allowS it? Who can change it?

Moving on…..Speaking for myself – when I still followed the Christian way, I actually appreciated decorations and such showing up early for the simple reason that I then had more time to pick things up gradually as opposed to feeling pressed to get the stuff quickly because Christmas is almost here. (Who actually allowed and perpetuated that pressure? Me….) But even 20 years ago, when I was still an active Lutheran, and people shared their annoyance at the ‘stuff’ showing up in the stores so early, my thinking was, I think, fairly simply….don’t pay attention. If you notice an aisle with Christmas stuff in it around Halloween, and you don’t want to experience that yet, then don’t. Focus on what you want and ignore the other.

Not to be forgotten here must be the folks who are having challenging times during a time of year when, as self-described above, ought to be about love, I am fully aware of folks who are missing a loved one no longer physically present. Who are struggling financially. Who have family estrangement (been there….to a degree, still there). I do understand that to many of these, the early reminders of what is coming does not feel good. Recently, a loved one reminded me about the possibility of compassion for these. And I do have….so much so that it pains me to want to share how to change one’s focus for what feels better. I wish I could just *poof* them and they’d see things more upwardly. I am not so unrealistic to think I can. Or that my suggestions are over-night sensations. And so I try to remember to just send them Love and Light.

I thought this was going to be very well organized and written point to point…but it seems to be all coming together now. So here goes…

I can create my own experience. I am also subjected to the sharing by other people of their experiences. That sharing can and does impact mine – sometimes unhappily, I used to be that guy doing that sharing and impacting. I am now on the 180 degree end of it. Wow!

I am trying to figure out why I am so heavily impacted this season by all this. And, of course, so much of it comes to me in Facebook. Let’s face it – again – much of my life currently is on FB. Anyway, just recently, a few loved ones have shared their disdain for the things mentioned above…the items, the music, etc. And it has powerfully affected me….surprisingly. I like to think that I have gotten better over the years at receiving other peoples’ experiences and keeping them separate from my own. This year, for some reason, it’s catching me somewhat off-guard. It might be that I am in a part of my journey wherein I am learning not only how sensitive I am to the energies around me, but that I need to learn how to not allow that impact.

I wonder if much of the reason for my sensitivity to it is because I feel like it’s not a hard thing to handle. If you don’t like it, don’t give it your attention. Remember, I also used to be that guy who looked for stuff to be angry at. And then I would post it and rant about it and share all that with everyone on my FB list….not to mention live, in person people. I have achieved a really lovely turn around in that what does not feel good, I do my best to not go there. In many ways, it just seems that simple to me. To me….

Another possible reason might be that this time of year, whichever tradition one follows, is usually based in love somehow. The gifts. The companionship. The sharing. The music and stories and movies. The smiles. The hugs. It’s all based in love. I start to look forward to as much of that as I can hopefully experience!  And then I am met with “What the fuck is this?!”….about the very time I am moving into. I guess I might feel like that hopeful happy anticipation is somewhat trashed.

(By the way….that ‘trashing’…..who’s is doing that? Who is allowing that?…..*wink*)

So…were I want to share suggestion….and I am….it is this. If you don’t want to “already”…don’t. If you don’t want to hear it yet…don’t. If you don’t want to see it yet…do not. Simple! Of course, some aspects we can’t ignore, like the TV commercials….OY! But we can manage what radio we listen to, what aisle we go down in the store (for the most part)…what store we go to at all….it is this…

**We can give our attention to what FEELS GOOD. And not give it to what DOES NOT. **

Holiday stuff, to me, feels good whenever it starts. I have been watching some Hallmark Christmas movies here and there already! Why? Because they FEEL GOOD to me! It’s always about LOVE! At some times, or with some aspects of the season (given my current spiritual focus), I don’t want to do that. Maybe just today, maybe for a few days. Then I DON’T. Because for a time, it doesn’t feel as good. I can make that choice. That decision. And it is mine, and hopefully it feels better. To me, the resistant complaining about it does not feel good at all! But focusing on what does feel good….well, there it is.

So I will do all that I can to spread what feels good to me for the enjoyment of all…..but also for the specific hope that it elevated the energies of a few other folks.

*spoiler – holiday greeting imminent*

I hope this has been helpful, for that has been the intent. Helpful for you, and for me. Please let me know what you think of these ideas expressed, and as always, Love and Light to all of you…..and Happy Holidays!

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I believe this is my third Samhain celebration as one who mindfully follows the Wiccan path. I have long been aware of the ancient origins of Halloween…the Celtic and early Pagan celebrations that were enjoyed. Quite often these days, at this time of year, variations on this history pop up on history networks, scary networks, and …. gasp …. local ‘news’ programs. Here, I would like to share my experience of what it has come to mean to me. And it is multi-fold.

The one that comes easiest to many peoples’ understanding is that of the three Pagan harvest celebrations, this is the last before the longer dark nights of the winter time. In pre-Gregorian calendar times, when many important aspects of life were dependent on the seasons of farming and hunting to provide food and sustenance. Generally across cultures, Fall is a time for recognizing that final harvest and storage of food for the winter. In the older times, this was a primary aspect of survival community-wide. Harvests were shared among the community, providing shared sustainable, and overall care. An abundant harvest meant sustaining the immediate family for the winter, but also fellows in the area who needed the mutual support.

So a great part of Samhain for me is sharing. Sharing what resources are available in one’s viable community to the health and well-being of that community. This abundance does not only mean food resources. It includes financial resources, fulfillment of skills and goals, health of mind, body and spirit, knowledge and teaching….it includes what is needed, but can also include what is wanted. I love sharing what I have and seeing it received. Now, such abundance, as with all things, can have a shadow side as well. I choose to focus on the happier, more helpful things to share and to wish for folks. (Be careful what you wish for…..)

Samhain is also seen and the end of the Wheel of the Year….the New Year. The Wheel of the year being based on nature, the Springtime seasons are early in our year because growth is starting on the Earth. Throughout the season, the crops seed, grow, are harvested…and all for the good of all who feed from it. And then the Earth returns to rest during the cold season….starting on Samhain….until the spring time. During the winter time, there are other celebrations….but that’s for a later blog.

Samhain is also noted as the favored time of the year to relate with those who have transitioned. Passed on. Commonly referred to as a time when communication with those who have passed is most often possible. It’s really about ancestry. Finding it, sensing it, honoring it. The Ancestors went before us, amassing information that based on our connection to them, They can share pertinent information to that end. They can support our journey as one supported theirs. They love us along the way. Our ancestors can be direct by blood line, they can be those who have entered into our journey with such love and support….they can also be previous members of a culture or community that we feel resonant with. And none of them need remain a distant memory. They are available to us always, and indeed, we will become ancestry ourselves at some point. I find it a warm and wonderful sense of comfort.

Overall, Samhain is a wonderful time to honor Earth for providing, Ancestry for providing helpful information, love, and support, and noting the turning of the New Year. Candy is not pertinent. ‘Scary’ is not necessarily necessary. Seeing the colorful leaves of Nature shows me her beauty, diversity, all-inclusiveness, and the next coming season. Samhain provides introspection for the self….how have we come, how does that feel, how would we consider proceeding to change/improve?

So one way or another, Samhain is rejuvenation. Growth. An ending in order to provide the next beginning. Next beginning during the dark evening of winter, Growing again.  I experience it as ‘thanks for all the food!!’…’thanks for all the information, support, and love’.

Love and Light to you all, and Blessed Be!  )O(

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Be Back Soon!

Hello all! I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve written in here. October has blown up for me, both with regard to work and a few social events as well. I hope to have a few moments to write something that is hopefully profound very soon!

Anyone have anything they’d like me to address? I’d be happy to.

Love and Light, everyone!

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Wiccan = Healer



Witches have been portrayed in so much mainstream media over the years. “The Wizard of Oz” being the quintessential model for so many, and yet “Wicked” turned that image on it’s ear. Fairy tales like “Sleeping Beauty”,  “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (sp?) and “Cinderella”…even “The Little Mermaid”…depict witches the same way that media and lore have historically portrayed them. They are seen as old, mis-colored, physically affected, and MEAN evil women! Well, except for Sleeping Beauty…that witch was a knock out! So was another one….Samantha Stevens on ‘Bewitched”. Even on that show, the stereotype was challenged very often.

Samantha began to show a different portrayal of witches. So did Jeannie, with regard to magical beings. These two women were ‘good’, and used their powers for helpful things in stead of ‘evil’. And then later, in the turn of this century, another new witch was portrayed. A lovely little show called “Charmed”. These three witches were bound to do nothing but GOOD. And to combat EVIL. And then, a lovely movie named “Practical Magic”…also “The Witches of Eastwick”….and another entitled “The Craft”. The former showed a lot of good intentions behind the spellwork  being done there. The latter showing both sides of the work. These examples actually were not too far flung from the actuality as I have understood, learned, and experienced it. 

And now, there are two new television shows that are taking on this topic. One is”American Horror Story – Coven”, and another is “The Witches of East End” I am cautiously curious as to how the Wiccan community may be described in this media attempt. You see, as I have learned and experienced Wicca and Paganism, so very much of what is portrayed in the main media is so very inaccurate. Not that there are not those who use their knowledge for their own purposes, or for damaging ones. But the law that I learned first, and the one I adhere to, is one remarkably similar to another. I wanted to share the Hippocratic Oath here, but there are many updates. So I’d like to add these links.

The first and foremost law of Wicca? “First, do no harm.” Period. First off , do not harm another. The ramifications are extensive. Initially, to attempt to create a moment that is harmful to another – physically or otherwise – is not at all considered appropriate or good. The energy you create and send around you cultivates within you. Another perspective is one that I have also learned and value highly – do nothing without permission. This can be a hard one. If someone is lying in a bed of pain, and we want them to heal and feel better, well….it goes into the soul’s purpose and journey. I don’t intend to interfere with that journey, and so I usually do not send energy that will heal them. I send Love and Light for the highest good of that person/soul with the hope that the highest good is the physical recovery or whatever is being requested. But once I have permission, then I can light that cauldron and send that intention. (Who am I to know the purpose of that soul’s journey? Therefore, who am I to attempt to change it?)

Recently, I spoke with some friends and a new acquaintance. This new person’s history includes apparently horrible experiences to him as a child, perpetuated by his parent-in-law. Hearing the story, the reference to Wicca came up, and my friend gasped in some sort of scary recognition – as I perceived it – and the new person continued. I offered a simple thought that “Wicca” does not automatically mean “evil”, yet those who know Wicca can unfortunately use their knowledge for unhappy things. But again, my point was that the word ‘wicca’ itself does not automatically mean ‘evil’. The perceived understanding with these few people seemed to indicate a negative understanding.

Wearing pointed hats and cloaks is fun! And it is not far removed from SOME truth. We wear ceremonial garb much the same as other religions do. But again, this does not automatically mean evil. An original meaning for the term “Wiccan” means “healer”. Much earlier Wiccan women were known as healers. They knew the Earth and all it’s substances and healing properties so much that they were able to use them to heal the physical people around them. Now I ask you….how is that evil? How is that bad? Or … how is that ‘automatically’ evil or bad?

I have had a few people ask me for intentions in my cauldron. (Cauldron = one way to send out positive intentions for one’s betterment.) Some of them have been from Christian-based faiths. I have checked up with them after the cauldron, and I have heard happy results….in those cases. 

Time to be blunt. I am a witch. I have knowledge. I know energy. I have been involved in processes that have helped people both near and far. And it all has been for the betterment of them. So how is what I do a bad thing? Any form of prayer/intention/energy sending is best done with an intention for the HIGHEST GOOD. For the best good of the person intended. That best good may well be for them to transition … pass on. It is not for me to say. I only send energy for the hope of the person’s betterment….but ultimately, for that person’s highest good. I do not, and will not, see this as a bad thing. 

I have begun to teach about energy. It is a very powerful thing. And it is really a profound aspect of Wicca … healing. I have felt energy in so many ways and places and times that I cannot deny it. And I don’t. But I do respond to it and – upon request/permission – send it. 

For the Highest Good. Blessed Be! 🙂  )O(

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